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Dear Internet, be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Posted on 2008.06.19 at 23:39
I'm going to hang up my hat for the online mixes for a little while and do some other stuff here. My first order of business is to offer anyone a mix CD trade. I know, this is so internet circa 2003! (also glazomaniac is doing a much more original and ambitious variation on this here [and he says its open to anyone so don't be shy!] which I know some of you have already seen, but I've never claimed originality or cutting edge here)

The deal:
1)leave a message in the comments (which will be screened) with your email or mailing address and any info you want brought into consideration to help me personalize it for your peculiar music fetishes. and viola! sometime this summer I send your very own mix CD.
2)If you want to send me one, then hey! i'll be thrilled. mention you'd be willing to do so in your comment or in whatever email exchange might take place. however you don't have to send me one to get one.
Thats it!

I hope at least a couple people take me up on this, I have nothing to do this summer.

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