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Electrical Grime

Posted on 2011.02.14 at 00:36
A dazzling collection of electrofunk treats, no yawners, only party stomping, body moving, intimate sexual connection bait.

VA - Electrical Grime Zip 89.1 MB

Getty-Up Glass
The Wall Felix and Jarvis
Stomp Bliss
Oh No It's U Again Cherrelle
Jail bait The Johnsons feat Maurrice Starr
Body Fusion Starvue
sha-kum-up Venna
it's hot Ultimate Choice
Move Everything You Got Thundder
You Are My Sexual Connection Sexual Harrassment
Socket The Edwards
Cover Girl Network
This Party's Jam Packed (Vocal) Dwayne Omarr
Intimate connection Kleeer


The Messy Guest

Posted on 2010.12.20 at 00:51
I've written and erased a description in this box twice already, both times just me waxing about the seductive and destructive powers of "nostalgia" but each time I begun to write in such flowery 19th Century poet prose that you would've strangled me with the thick garlands my pen produced. I'm not sure this mix has anything to do with nostalgia. But something about the way the mix is smiling, the way the sun is glowing off the stones, the leather of the train seats, you will remember with a bittersweet fondness. And at night you will weep for want of it.

VA - The Messy Guest 54.97 MB Zip

Roy Ingraham - Chant of the Jungle
Janko Nilovic - Mouvements Aquatiles
Riz Ortolani - Susan And Jane
Armando Trovajoli - Vedo Nudo (adulterio)
Nora Orlandi - Main version
Alberto Baldan Bembo - Kama 03
François De Roubaix - Poursuite En Camionette
Paul Bonneau - Preambule No. 37
Francis Lai - Le theme D'Olivier
Zouzou - demain (alternative version)
Amrando Sciascia - Eclisse Indigo
Lalo Schifrin - Ice Pick Mike
Michel Magne - Fabre Et Anna (final)
J.J. Debout & Janko Nilovic - Le Soleil Sur la Peau
Georges Delerue - Antoine Et Ursula
Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra - The Japanese Sandman



Various Artists 14

Posted on 2010.10.01 at 09:52
Hey folks, it's been a long time, long time
so basically a minor dream came true, and I get to play my music at the bakery I work at (occasionally). While my boss loves my ever expanding playlist of basically songs like you see here, a couple of my co-workers can't stand it and say I have THE WORST MUSICAL TASTE OF ANYONE in the world, ever. pretty much verbatim. So here from every corner of the globe, I once again bring you the worst music in the world!

Various Artists 14

1)Max & Intro - Beogradska Devojka
2)Z Factor - I Am The Dee Jay
3)Anthony Newley - Why?
4)Chhuon Malai - Chet Et Maytha
5)Milka Lenac - Zeljo Luda
6)Zerbrechlich - Bei Den Beduinen
7)Georges Garvarentz - Ann & Tony
8)Dario Moreno - Her Akþam "Sarhoþ"
9)Lose Brincos - L'amore Dei Giovani
10)Russ Morgan and His Orchestra - So Tired
11)Aïcha Relizania - Khraïfi
12)Poyuschie Gitary - Nocturne
13)Sonny lester & His Orchestra & Chorus - Daughter of the Nile
14)Helen - Witch
15)Gene Kardos & His Orchestra - If I Ever Get a Job Again


Top 50 "Music Videos" OF ALL TIME

Posted on 2010.08.07 at 11:43
As decided by me. Recently there was another rash of "Top 100 albums" on my LJ friends page, but after beginning my own, I remembered A)I don't really care about albums, I like songs and B)Oh yeah I never finished my Top 100 songs list after my computer crashed. But as I don't currently have the time to recompile and do all the work for the Top 100 songs list, I can do this!

A good marriage between visuals and song is key, but sometimes one takes precedence over the other. Each of these videos has a little magic that draws me in deep and animates the soul.

Top 50 Music VideosCollapse )


Various Artists 13

Posted on 2010.04.20 at 23:21
Various Artists 13 Zip 67.2 MB

Patty Duke - Funny Little Butterflies
Overdrive - Constantinople
Heinz Wehner & Das Telefunken Swing Orchester - Meine Adelheid
Robert Firpo - Desde El Alma
Emel Sayın - Bir Gece Ansizin
Paradise Frame - Paradise Theme
Ambrose & Sam Browne - Soft Lights And Sweet Music
The Equallos - Beneath the Sun
Escape From New York - Fire in My Heart 12"
Kris Jensen - Torture
P.M.7, Jupiter - Sawan Bangkok
Stopp - I'm Hungry
Carroll Gibbons - Love Is Just Around The Corner



Twisted Ankles Disco

Posted on 2010.03.30 at 00:22
Candy, tears, sex, beats, fear. You won't forget.

Twisted Ankles Disco Zip 94.4 MB
Kroma - Sexy Films
Mau Mau - Herzschlag
Herman Kopp - Stirb Jung - Bleib Schon
Some of My Best Friends Are Canadian - Feeling Sheepish
Unser Favorit - Die Androiden
Andi Arroganti - Hom-o-hetero
Some Bizarre - Don't Be Afraid
Shock - Dynamo Beat
Ti-Tho - Ich
Die Tanzdiele - Candy
Ole L'Dole - Space, Action Sex Og Blod
Jeunesse D'Ivoire - A Gift of Tears
Sadista Sistas - Bagdoll Duchess
Dilemma - Leichentanz
Somnambulist - Things I was Due to Forget
Vera - Don't You Want My Love


Various Artists 12

Posted on 2010.01.25 at 21:21
Well if I talked up the last mix as a jewel on the crown of music, I suppose I will have to back off the hyperbole a little, and present this one as the scrappy underdog of a mix, the silken thread holding together the robe of the grand vizier to music. Here, aside truly impeccable songs such as "Wenn die Kleinen Veilchen", "Oh, What A Thrill", "Wypsa", "Boys and Girls" are the slightly atmospheric and hypnotic dance songs "Who" and "here comes my laugh", songs I find indispensable but could imagine someone else not loving. "La Radicale" holds a special place near my heart as I can't help but feel like some playful, black and white, sad-eyed protagonist in an old french film while listening to it.

Various Artists 12 ZIP 66.7 MB

1. Orchester Marek Weber - Wenn Die Kleinen Veilchen
2. Dorival Caymmi - O Mar
3. Philippe Sarde - La Radicale
4. Rosanna Fratello - Non Sono Maddalena
5. Ben Selvin - Oh, What a Thrill
6. Gerda Schönfelder - Ganz Leis' Erklingt Musik
7. Connie and the Cones - No Time For Tears
8. Reparata & The Delrons - Boys and Girls
9. Simon F. - Here Comes My Laugh
10. Odyssey - Who
11. Asmodaeus - Second Time Is Different
12. Not Only Bones - The Movies
13. The Answers - Please Go Away
14. Matias Aguayo - Walter Neff
15. Mira Kubasinska & Blackout - Wyspa



Various Artists 11

Posted on 2009.12.22 at 02:02
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I think this is the best one in a while. While the rare ingrate, their ear canals clogged by the putrid debris of the all sonic garbage they have previously ingested, may be beyond the seduction of these auditory charms, you are no such charlatan. Assembled here are enough diabolical rhythms and heavenly melodies to set every toe in hell and heaven a-tapping. Act 1 of this gathering of goosebump giving devious ditties hails from the gloomtrodden frosty side of the spectrum, as represented by the otherworldly hum of synthesizers and terrorizing clip-clop of drum machines. This act is begun with the miraculously gorgeous bewitching dirge "Blue Days In Berlin". Act 2 on the other hand, is a bouquet of songs that put spring your step and winter a distant memory at your back through a more jazzy set of instruments. Rather gallantly "Sull'Acqua" starts of this round, a song so brimming with sun and flirty looks you'll be feeling like an Italian playboy or playgirl before the second time the chorus comes around.

Box.net and I have parted ways so unfortunately you'll have jump through a hoop or two to download.

Various Artists 11 ZIP 82.5 MB
Analyse Logique - Blue Days in Berlin
Days of Sorrow - Wild World
Twilight Ritual - What Are Rooms For
Das Ding - Sad But True
Wild Stares - Piece of the Picture
Vita Noctis - Exowided
Domina - You got My Soul
Emilio Pericoli - Sull'acqua
Michel Magne - Serie OSS117
Halina kunicka - Gwiazda naszej milosci
Line Renaud - Tango Bleu
Piero Piccioni - Treacherous Journey
Bruno Battisti D'Amario - Temptation
Nicoletta - Jeff
Ruby Johnson - Weak Spot



Various Artists 10

Posted on 2009.11.24 at 22:46
Various Artists 10 ZIP 72.0 MB
Now That I've Found You Jack Buchanan and Elsie Randolph
Life At The Water's Edge Officer!
nowhere girl B-Movie
My Time Roberto Cacciapaglia
Touch Lori & The Chameleons
Pour celui qui viendra (Version 33t) Marie Laforêt
Alla ricerca del piacere (seq. 9) Teo Usuelli
Second Indian On The Moon Areknuteknyterne
To Have and Have Not Ronny
eyes Coldreams
Profi Neonbabies
Poema do Adeus Miltinho
skirts up! oszibarack
Hai Toshi o Mitsumete Aoyama Kazuko

tchic ti tchic


Various Artists 9

Posted on 2009.10.05 at 13:18
OLD SCHOOL simple songs nothing too baroque except maybe that Teo Usuelli (shut up I know what baroque means!). So here's flirty breezy cool autumnal fare for you to enjoy! lots of girl groups, 60s soundtrack, some minimal synth etc, you know how it works!

Various Artists 9 Zip 57.2 MB

Tracey Dey - Teenage Cleopatra
Tara Cross - I Won't Cut It Away
Nathan Larson & Nina Persson - Fiction
The Spoils of War - You're the Girl
Wand Orchestra - Hand It Over
Piero Piccioni - Endless Love
Carole Deene - Some People
Teo Usuelli - La Vedova in Rosa
Muzzy Marcellino - The High and Mighty
Anne Cessna and Essndon Airport - Lost in Madagascar
Linda Singer - Leather High
Lorna Dune - I'm Going with Bobby
The Pirates - Cuttin Out
Annie Anxiety Bandez - As I Lie In Your Arms
Tronics - Cruisin
Vera Lynn - I Paid For the Lie I Told You
April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger
Amoebas In Chaos - Tidal Waves



Posted on 2009.09.28 at 23:35
So a long time ago I saw a horror movie called "Jeepers Creepers" which I'm pretty sure was built around the premise that someone wanted to play the song "Jeepers Creepers" over the end credits of a movie and it be extra creepy. or funny. either way this mix is sort of an homage to that... I suppose. In case you're wondering these are all 20s and 30s and maybe a 40s jazz or dance or torch songs (thanks whoever posted Swing Tanzen Verboten in the comments here a while ago!).

Eyes Eyes Eyes 35.8MB ZIP

Japanese Sandman Billy Barton Orchester
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Nat Shilkret
There Ain't No Maybe In My Baby's Eyes Jack Smith
i only have eyes for you Dick Powell & Ruby Keeler
Be Careful With Those Eyes (as Karl Radlach Orch) Bernie Cummins
Close Your Eyes Ruth Etting
You Can't Believe My Eyes (Irene Bordoni - vocal) High Hatters
Them There Eyes Al Bowlly & Roy Fox
Where'd You Get Those Eyes Abe Lyman
Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue Nick Lucas
There's Too Many Eyes Ted Weems
Japanese Sandman Svend Asmussen & His Orchestra

Posted on 2009.09.19 at 02:03
OK so I've gone to Culinary school and become a lazybones about updating, and I don't think i renewed my subscription to box.net so I have to stop posting there, but i haven't abandoned ship completely!

But the main thing is someone needs to find me some Linda Singer ASAP. this song is BADASS and so far I can't confirm her existence outside of this video...

and here's some other stuff for you to enjoy.

in the case of this one though I think it's healthy.


Double Disc Box Set Deluxe Autographed

Posted on 2009.05.11 at 15:54
Its summer mix season!

as not to dilute their essences, I divided todays music into two seperate folders, once you download them theres nothing to stop you from mixing them or throwing them all away though.

Disc 1 is Breezy ZIP 54.6 MB
01. Sheila - adios amor
02. Rita Pavone - scrivi
03. Michèle Mercier - la fille qui fait tchic ti tchic
04. All Stars Orchestra avec Pierre Sellin et les Heavenly Singers - Naked dames in furs
05. Nan Wynn & Victor Mature - oh, the pity of it all
06. Stenia Kozlowska - jak cie mily zatrzymac
07. Annie Girardot - la femme faux cils
08. Jerry Goldsmith -ladies will kindly remove their hats
09. Rocío Dúrcal - Contenta
10. Paul Small Orchestra - Thousand Goodnights
11. Piero Piccioni - A Place to Hide
12. The Rhythmakers - whos sorry now
13. The Raindrops - Kind of Boy You Can't Forget
14. Soledad Miranda - lo que hace a las chicas llorar
15. Christy - amore amore amore (with Piero Piccioni)
(15 total)
Soundtrack selections, girl singers and groups, a dash of 30s jazz, this one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Disc 2 is Jammy ZIP 96.9
selected tracks:
01. Fox - s-s-s-single bed
02. Bagarre - lemonsweet (disco version)
03. Los Angeles T.F. - everliving fever
04. Mistral - Jamie
05. The Voyagers - Distant Planet (Vocal)
06. Babaluga - My Paradise (Extended Mix)
07. Temper - No Favors
08. Vicious Pink - always hoping
09. Sinnamon - I Need You Now
10. Neon - Skydiver
11. Sunbelt - spin it
12. Tara - fresh flesh
(12 total)

I remember growing up in a small town in Vermont, with very limited contacts to music. I remember being 7 or so and staring at the cover of my mom's South Pacific record cover (I was baffled that she was wearing coconuts on her breasts. I don't care what a GIS tells you the cover looks like, I remember. maybe it was the back) And playing the one tape I owned "Phantom of the Opera" and some of my parents tapes I could scrounge, the Beatles or Motown if I was lucky. There was the radio too, the only two songs I remember it playing are Achey Breaky Heart and Cats Cradle. And thats only because we learned to line dance to Achey Breaky heart in gym class, and once on my school bus everyone started singing along to Cats Cradle, even though we were all 6-11 years old we all knew it was an emotional song and so emoted with the proper amount of vim. A big event was when the Tunbridge Worlds Fair would come to our state. Not to "town" because nothing came to our town, but several towns over. Other than the games and foods of sugar and fried dough what I remember is the one ride. It was probably one of the tamest rides there, just a car that rode around a wavy track like this but what was interesting about it was the music. It played something I'd never heard before. A sound alien and intoxicating to me. It played eurodisco! Eurodisco had come to small rural Vermont. I swear one of the songs it played was "Spin It" by Sunbelt, but I could just be imagining that. Anyway this "Jammy" mix reminds me of that ride way back when.


If these get taken down too Im cancelling box.net and just going with megaupload.


Because I can't wait for Monday to be over

Posted on 2009.03.15 at 23:46
A song for us all:
Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph - Like Monday Follows Sunday
Jack Buchanan and Elsie Randolph


Various Artists 8

Posted on 2009.03.11 at 00:08
Whoa you guys, there are some seriously badass songs here. Even glazomaniac would like the mix as for once I fell in love with some lyrics. Lots of minimal synth and 60s rock n'pop. Lucky Blondo starts it off smoothly sidling up to you like a romeo or an assassin with his perfect 60s french ballad. Alvi & The Alviettes's Cologne via Taiwan minimal synth funk jam sounds like it could've come out now, though it was released in 1983. Danish Copyfokking did come out now, and their dance track makes bowel releasing use of the low end. My favorite of this bunch is probably the exuberantly creepy Jerry Angelo track, a sock hop song about being a controlling boyfriend. Polish Trzy Korony do some suave guitar work in their 60s rock tune. Minimal wave Sluik run the worst suicide hotline in their song "open window". Surf Bunny Beach is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Mitty Collier sings an impeccable soul song, followed by Pankow who provided a high momentum Italian industrial din. The Hollywood Jills have hands down the best vocals this time around with their girl group song, both hilarious and spot on. From Singapore Naomi & the Boys take off with their do a fuzzed out pop song, god I love that climax. Jo Lemaire And Flouze slow burn with their Serge Gainsbourg cover. A live Testcard F rev you up live, and Geile Tiere assure you the weather will be fine. Finally The Cryan' Shames bring it all home with their epic. Get it quick before it gets taken down by the man like the last mix!

01. Lucky Blondo - j'ai un secret à te dire
02. Alvi & The Alviettes - I'll Go To
03. Copyfokking - knippelsuppe (budas edit)
04. Jerry Angelo - three deadly sins
05. Trzy Korony - port
06. Sluik - Open Window
07. the surf bunnys - surf bunny beach
08. Mitty Collier - would you have listened
09. pankow - english waitresses
10. hollywood jills - he makes me so mad
11. Naomi & the Boys - bad loser
12. Jo Lemaire And Flouze - Je suis venir te dire que je m'en vais
13. Testcard F - Bandwagon tango (Peel Session)
14. geile tiere - just in case
15. Cryan' Shames - baltimore oriole



Top 100 Most Exquisite Songs Of All Time (70-61)

Posted on 2009.02.03 at 18:56
Top 100 Most Exquisite Songs Of All Time (70-61) *

*My favorite songs from my life 2002-2007

70)Snowy Red - Breakdown
Belgium: 1984
A saxophone is a dangerous thing to add into a synthpop song. Particularly in the 80s. However you'll find few synthpop songs as discriminating or as gorgeous as "Breakdown". Carol duets with the man who is Snowy Red in this wistful classic.

69)Forward Kwenda - Tadzugaira & Gonamombe Rerume
Zimbabwe: 1997
This is one of the songs I would take refuge in during the emotional rollercoaster days of high school. A voice that seems to embody sadness and the mbira plays its theme with its strange alien sound that's both rhythmic and melodic.

68)La Bionda - I Wanna Be Your Lover
Italy: 1980
Whereas Snowy Red maximized synthpop's bittersweet potential, La Bionda take it to its playful arch extreme here. Though well ordered and structured with precision there's a feeling of a circus of sounds. Synth lines sparkle and shimmy and change colors and are supplanted by newer and more bizaare sounds in a flash. The chorus is flawless as well.

67)Brother Bones & His Shadows - Lou-Easy-An-I-A
America: 1940s [date unknown by me]
Brother Bones, the best whistler this side of the rainbow puts on a romp of a jazz tune here. The percussion sounds for all the world like dancing down a street. Effortlessly the horns get their hooks in you, the bass propels you forward and by the time Bones is whistling you find you're already out the door to Lou-Easy-An-I-A.

66)J Walter Negro and the Loose Jointz - Shoot the Pump
United States: 1981
A silly and sort of epic tale winds through this latin-hip hop track. This song encapsulates sort of how I imagine NYC in the 80s. Sassy, hot, tragic, funky.

65)Alredo Clerici - T'Ho Visto Piangere
It seems to me the mp3 I have of this song has been ripped from vinyl and has gotten distorted in the process. This is actually one of the main reasons I find myself attracted to this song. The horn introduction sounds otherworldly. The distortion also gives the brass climax an unusual edge. Lastly the "T'ho Visto Piangere" refrain gets stuck in my head with ease and regularity.

64)Krzystof Komeda - Sarah in Bath
As short as Tadzugaira & Gonamombe Rerume was long, its a simple acapella piece that is wonderfully sexy, and needs not any analysis.

63)Man Parrish - Heatstroke (mix)
United States:1983
The bubbling synth, vocoder domination, disco chorus flourishes, and amazing bass earn this song the title the JAM. I feel/ Heatstroke

62)Supercreep - Dissmissalism
United States: 1990s/2000s? [actual date is unknown to me]
A glam strut. The melding of synth, "la la's" and piano feels very convincingly here while in other songs they can feel like sham adornments (I'm looking at you britpop). I also adore the breakdown.

61)Gene Kelly - Singin In the Rain
United States: 1952
This is one of my all time favorite songs. I have no idea what it's doing way up at 61. The next 60 songs better be killer. This is one of the rare songs in which the lyrics are a major factor in my love. It's spirit and joie de vivre is surely something I aspire to. Luckily I've never watched Clockwork Orange and HAVE watched Singin' In the Rain a bunch of times, so I see only a one of the most marvelous cinematic scenes in my head attached to this.


Various Artists 6

Posted on 2009.01.06 at 16:37
[deleted by box.net due to copyright violation complaint, hope you got it in time folks!]

The two major themes here are the dark clouded laments of female singers from places like Brazil, Iceland, and Poland and a range of synthesizer dreampop with the normal wildcards of straight up pop and dance, italian scores, soul, tango, and 30s Jazz.

Various Artists 6 Zip 69.6 MB
01. Maysa - Pálida Ausencia
02. Herman Kenin - There's A Place In The Sun For You
03. La Roux - Reflections are Protection
04. arms of someone new - every seventh wave
05. Piero Umiliani - bob and hellen
06. Guðrún Á. Símonar - Af Rauðum Vörum
07. Friday Bridge - love and nostalgia
08. Veronica Maggio - Måndagsbarn
09. Disasters - Oh My God, This Sound...
10. Honey & the Bees - i'm confessin'
11. miguel calo - el vals soñador
12. Setha - dteuu
13. peter gordon & love of life orchestra - congo
14. Marta Mirska - pierwszy siwy wlos



Rapping Woman to Woman (mix)

Posted on 2008.11.21 at 14:14
Rapping Woman to Woman Zip 45.5 MB

There's a lot of well done characteristics to celebrate in soul music. The use of bass and horns or the passionate bittersweet vocals. And here we revel in vocals, but rather than the explosive vocals you might expect, this is a collection of songs featuring wonderful spoken interludes by the women of soul. It's more than mere exposition, they are often the stories of the song themselves, filled with humor, insight, infidelity and scorn. Enjoy the stories!

1. Laura Lee - since i fell for you
2. Millie Jackson - the rap
3. Ann Sexton - I'm His Wife (you're just a friend)
4. Shirley Brown - woman to woman
5. Marlena Shaw - Go Away, Little Boy
6. Doris Duke - feet start walking
7. Linda Jones - Your Precious Love

Rapping Woman to Woman


My Card Catalog has been Destroyed

Posted on 2008.11.09 at 20:20
I lost all my playlists because my itunes became corrupted, so another pause on the countdown and all the fun mixes i had :(

another lazyman post of youtube:

Lilli Berlin & Zeltinger - True Love

For our third in the series of pitting two soundtracks from the same composer against each other for no good reason, we match
Sette Uomini D'Oro [1965]

Adulterio all'Italiana [1966]

by Amrando Trovaioli. Armando composed over 200 soundtracks and musicals, and during the 60s was married to gorgeous Sicilian Pier Angeli; he wouldn't be embarrassed to come to high school reunions. usual disclaimer: I most likely haven't seen any of the films mentioned, and its use in the actual film is not considered, all judgments are made purely from a music collectors standpoint.

Round 1: Main Vocal Theme
Anna Identici sings the main theme to Sette Uomini D'Oro heard here
Carmen Villani sings the main theme to Adulterio all'Italiana heard here
Adulterio is obviously influenced by the beat music which infected Italy from England. Carmen enthusiastically vamps and moans after a call and response with a male chorus. She steals the show from the guitar heavy instrumentation which is fine for the song, but usually worrisome in these cases for the rest of the soundtrack which likely was the base or will be based off parts of the song.
Sette is a lovely languid affair. Consisting mainly of plaintive organ topped by whistles, unobtrusive acoustic guitar and bass, with Anna's more restrained but sweet sounding vocals the song manages to be both a little unusual and beautiful. It's unsualness and more open relaxed form would seem to lend itself better to breaking down and variations used by soundtrack composers throughout other parts of the film.
Round 1 winner Sette Uomini D'Oro

Round 2: Vocal Variations
Sette's Seven Golden Men
Adulterio's Bada Caterina funny version
in Adulterio Villani already scatted her way through it so the real difference here is the toned down energy and instruments. The theme works very well as a mid tempo romp and Carmen's playfulness is matched well by the guitar.
Sette actually has a lot more wordless vocal theme's than Adulterio, all of which depart from Identici's song's style in favor of a jazzy uptempo boy/girl (The organ/whistling is taken up repeatedly in the theme titled "Rosanna") which while fun, is not something we haven't heard before.
Round 2 winner Adulterio all'Italiana

Round 3: Third Themes
Sette's themes were "Rosanna" found in the main vocal theme and elswhere, its 2nd theme was "Seven Golden Men" the fleet jazz vocals, and has a couple tertiary themes after those. both of those tertiary themes are a little weak to my ears, here is Brick Top
Adulterio's Main theme was Bada Caterina, and it's secondary theme was really "Io Brillo e Bollo" as yet unmentioned and it also had a couple tertiary themes. Here first is an instrumental version of Io Brillo e Bollo which is excellent, but really the star is the vocal version again with Carmen Villani. I think it's even better than Bada Caterina. The third string themes are "Scarpe Gialle" which is again not as strong as the rest, but also included are more interesting songs like "adulterio all' italiana sirtaki shake" a sort of "Zorba the Greek" type interlude which give Adulterio a stronger over all position.
Round 3 winner Adulterio all'Italiana

WINNER Adulterio all'Italiana!!! after being staggered in round 1, Adulterio proves that you can't count out italian beat music for soundtracks, and rocky beats jazzy in an upset.

Adulterio all'Italiana OST
Sette Uomini D'Oro OST


Top 100 Most Exquisite Songs Of All Time (80-71)

Posted on 2008.10.22 at 16:01
Top 100 Most Exquisite Songs Of All Time (80-71) *

*My favorite songs from my life 2002-2007

80)Anibal Troilo - A Mis Viejos
Argentina: 1963
The opening to this song is wonderful simple pleasure for me. The piano flows with such movement, like the rolling of a red carpet down a stairway. While the piano line originally captured my interest, it is soon hidden, a beast stalking underneath a beautiful jungle of strings. The apocryphal story of tango [read: horrible legend] is that it was born in Buenos Aires brothels, a pantomimed knife fight between two males cheered on by the prostitutes. It doesn't matter if its true. What matters is that present in the music is that near predatory lust which can go from cagey to explosive at the drop of a hat.

79)Xiu Xiu - Suha
United States: 2002
"Suha" feels like a slide into resignation. Xiu Xiu always appealed to me with their unusual sonic burbles that at once sounded familiar, as if they were representations of something internal. You can hear the burbles here as he starts the second line, I suppose they come from a heavily processed guitar that seems to get hit occasionally throughout the verses and is actually strummed during the chorus. As much as the light organ (or is it accordian?) sound sets a despondent mood, those little gurgles are why I love Xiu Xiu. From the singers voice to the mild horn climax, the whole song sounds like a perfect slab of raw emotion.

78)The Pentagons - To Be Loved (Forever)
United States: 1961
Another visceral song, The Pentagons "To Be Loved (Forever)" sets quite a different tone. From the saxophone sliding up into the signature doo wop "aaahhh aaaaaah aaaaahhh aaaah" into the opening line "To be in love/and not to be alone" wrapped in "oooooh oooooh's" sounds almost to me like someone pouring the embrace of a loved one into my ears. The rest of the song is merely excellent until he hits the falsetto and then for the last part of the song it returns to its velvety ecstasy.

77)Severed Heads - Harold And Cindy Hospital
Australia: 1986
"Harold and Cindy Hospital" starts off with a sort of industrial grunting followed by a pitch bent horn sample that kicks into a wicked sounding synth. Though for this section of the countdown so far there have been many excellent song openings, this one I think is my favorite. However it suffers like The Pentagons song with a slight drag in the middle as no new elements are added, but is likewise propelled into further glory in its third act which introduces a heavenly synth noise, and the song ascends into a warm place.

76)Pippilotti Rist - Wicked Game ("I'm a Victim of this Song")
Switzerland: 1998
Chris Isaak channeled Roy Orbison's mellifluous tones in the original version, in a song of wonderfully smoldering longing, but in this cover Pippilotti Rist's screams pierce through, exposing that the molten magma underneath. Rist's accented singing might jar the smoothness, but the payoff is grand. Though I take a more solemn view, this incidentally is the song most likely to elicit giggles from passengers when it comes on shuffle in my car.

75)The Flirts - Helpless
United States: 1984
This Bobby O produced track has about as much finesse and subtlety of well, the 80s. It is however, a warhorse of a dance track, steady and inevitable yet with a bit of a jittery touch.

74)Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
United States: 1988
Goodbye horses/I'm flying over you. Of course most of us were introduced to this song under... disturbing circumstances. But even divorced from its associations with Buffalo Bill, Precious and a starving girl, (or preferably divorced, I'm not a huge serial killer fan, or poodle fan come to that) the song is potent and mysterious. The instrumentation is slightly otherworldly. The vocals are assured, smooth and dark. The lyrics are enigmatic and conjure slips of dread.

73)Sexual Harrassment - If I Gave You A Party (Syrup version)
United States: 1984 (remix by Syrup 2001)
From the guy who wrote "I Need a Freak" comes this slightly spastic party jam. The vocals are completely redone to sound more abrasive and also more lively, the instrumentation is opened up a bit, the short clipped rhythm of the original is maintained but now there is a guitar and bass which dance along giving the song more of a flow. See also Mu's "Tell You Something" for a very similar style of song, which I could interchange with this track on the list.

72)Anna Identici - La Lunga Stagione Dell' Amore
Italy: 1970
The opening is brilliant. Forceful, delicate and gorgeous. The verses let Anna paint waves with the soft watercolor brushstrokes of her voice. The backing chorus of "Aaahhs" (of which I am always a sucker) sound peculiarly distant and timeless. By the time we reach 2 minutes in, the diversion of "La La La's" with the opening chords played again is absolutely sublime. This song would be much closer to the top 10 if I hadn't discovered it so recently thereby in actuality making it ineligible for this entire list.

71)Goldfrapp - Pilots
England: 2001
(Not to be confused with "Pilots (on a star)" which has added embellishments polluting its pristine skies) It is quite aptly orchestrated as the song masterfully gives a sensation of gliding through the clouds. Not in a loud bulky airplane, but in a peter pan dream-like way. From the underrated Felt Mountain. Heavenly.


Cobblestones, Heels, and Heartache Volume 2

Posted on 2008.10.14 at 19:51
I'm not dead! I just moved. let's get onto business...
More of the 60s (and some 50s and 70s) sensual Italian torch songs sung by beautiful and talented women. Meant to fill your heart with longing, enjoy.

Cobblestones, Heels, and Heartache Vol 2 Zip 56.4 MB

La Lunga Stagione Dell' Amore Anna Identici
Un Sorriso Milva
Potrai Fidarti Di Me Carmen Villani
Lui Rita Pavone
La ballata del tempo Lea Massari
Sorridono Louiselle
amore di donna Anna Marchetti
Sinno' Me Moro Alida Chelli
Domani ti sposi Ornella Vanoni
Pioggia Katyna Ranieri
Eh Già La Ragazza Del Clan
Innamorata Io Lolita
la bambola Patty Pravo
Tu sei quello Orietta Berti
Non ho l'eta per amarti Patricia Carli
Lontano Dagli Occhi Mary Hopkin
Io Sono Quel Che Sono Mina

Cobblestone, Heels, and Heartache vol 2
hey check it out, I can write on jpegs!


Top 100 Most Exquisite Songs Of All Time (90-81)

Posted on 2008.08.05 at 23:49
Top 100 Most Exquisite Songs Of All Time (90-81) *

*My favorite songs from my life 2002-2007

I thought adding a date and country of origin would be interesting, although even before doing a statistical analysis I know where and when my ear most likes to be.
Country is picked on where the musician or band hailed from or is most associated with. It's of course tricky, for instance Benjamin "Bert" Ambrose was born in England, grew up in the United States and ping ponged a bit between the two countries before finally hitting it big with a steady gig in England.

90)Riz Ortolani - Killer's Weapon
Italy: 1967
It's brief. The guitar is the swirling of dust and the hot breath of anticipation held inside your chest. And then after a quick rumble of drums, the horns kick into town; heroic and untouchable. Swiftly they've passed through, leaving corpses of whatever Doubt was foolish enough to stick around.

89)Marie Laforêt - La Vendemmia Dell' Amore
France: 1964
I'll admit a bit of a nostalgia factor might have influenced the picking of this particular song (and the fact that it's the Italian language version rather than French). Lucky for my integrity and your ears it's hard to go wrong with a Marie Laforet song in any event. Her music seems to me to have an austere classical structure with ornate and elegant production. Furthermore while the bulk of ye-ye singers have voices like soda-pop, Marie has a voice like vino rosso. In this song about 'the grape harvest of love' string and flutes accompany Marie on an idyllic September romance among the vines.

88)Rita Pavone - Datemi un martelo
Italy: 1964
Ostensibly a cover of "If I Had a Hammer", it is in the great tradition of the non-english speaking music world, a cover only in melody, not in words or meaning. While the original was a political folk song, the sprightly Rita is just having fun. The whole song is mischief. The background has the clank and murmur of a party, as in Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up (Pt 1)". Hand claps, call and response choruses, silly lyrics, and Rita's cute sounding vocals, make a fan out of me. This is a good one to search for on youtube too.

87)DNTEL - Why I'm So Unhappy
United States: 2001
It's unclear whether the twittery trip-hop/glitch beat ages well, but what I come for is the dreamed out fizz. During this era Jimmy Tamborello (who is DNTEL, featuring guests vocalists such as on this song Rachel Haden) was a to me something of a wizard at conjuring the melting edges of dreamstates through ocean waves of electronics and a twisting whirlpool of guitar.

86)Bert Ambrose & His Orchestra - Good Evening
England: 1930
The word "jaunty" never felt more at home than as a descriptor for this song. "Good Evenin'" is simple and straightforward, yet never fails to put some swagger in my step. Upbeat horns and strings and a delightfully effete croon (sadly I'm not clever enough to identify the singer) makes me want to suck in the breath of life and wink at girls, with just enough magic left in the tune to make me believe I wouldn't get slapped.

85)Huey "Piano" Smith & his clowns - If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another
United States: 1962
An absolutely infectious romp, starring an ensemble of vocals supported by horns and a piano. When the girl chorus refrain comes in I lose it and get an unstoppable urge to wag my finger.

84)Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You
Australia: 2004
Kylie has several times hit pop perfection, and this is certainly such a moment of glorious effervescence. It has the double whammy of the 'glitter synth' and chorus that makes you feel like you're dancing in the arms of Kylie (her whispering must help to this effect). Who could possibly top this pop hit?

83)ABBA - Take A Chance On Me
Sweden: 1977
ABBA did pop perfection as default. It goes without saying that the vocal interplay is the main appeal here, though I also find the lyrics strangely fascinating. If you're all alone/after the pretty birds have flown. Such exuberant settling! Also I swear they say listen to some music/maybe just cocaine at some point, but I'm sure that's just my imagination.

82)Claude Debussy - Nuages
France: 1899
Ok this way predates the 2002 starting date I set for myself, as it is one of the first "classical music" pieces I fell in love with back in high school (1998?). My portal to the world of orchestras and dead composers was Debussy and "Prelude a L'apres d'un faune". I went out and bought a CD with that piece and "La Mer" and some nocturnes including "Nuages". Listening to Debussy is about harmonies as much as anything and I remember being so fascinated by the series of chords at 2:23 and again at 3:30. The whole song is lush, gorgeous and melancholic.

81)André Popp - Ophelia
France: 1972
A tune both gaseous and purposeful. Maybe like a gas leak left on by a hitman giving you your last few minutes of strange light-headed bliss before curtains for Tintin. The second act of the song, with the electric piano (or whatever that is) and muted guitar manages to come on more seductively than the cooing woman of the first act. A fantastic song.

Next: 80-71

Top 100 Most Exquisite Songs Of All Time*

*or less bombastically, my favorite songs from the period of my life 2002-2007

If you know me and this journal, chances are you've seen/heard many of the songs in this countdown. This is for the obvious reason being this journal's existence is to share my favorite music. But lists are fun and I hope you enjoy it anyway. I made no concessions to balance out the styles that dominate or are neglected and some artists are repeated, one of them six times I believe.

100)Faun Fables - Girl That Said Goodbye
United States: 2001
Faun Fables is mostly the work of one Californian Dawn McCarthy. This song features acoustic guitar, recorder and the vocals of Dawn. There are plenty of plucked/strummed acoustic guitar and recorder combo songs I don't love, and what makes this one special is well, the melody and vocal execution. Well aren't I off to a smashingly elucidating start.

99)Antonio Carlos Jobim & Luiz Bonfa - Manha de Carnaval
Brazil: 1959
This one might deserve to be higher in the list, but the order until the top 20 is entirely mercurial. This song is from the film Orfeu Negro. Its composer needs no introduction. The humming over the guitar is enrapturing enough, but somehow is even heightened once she (the singer, name unknown to me) breaks into the words, the roll of the Portuguese on her tongue gives it even more shape and impact.

98)Doris Monteiro - Vamos Partir Pro Mundo
Brazil: 1971
We're staying in Brazil for the next one, in fact Doris actually recorded the first compositions of Jobim. One might call this song "sappy" sounding, but my first impression was that the song sounded like Love. Ok that is sappy. Vamos Partir Pro Mundo bears many of the hallmarks of the next composer's music too, hallmarks I can't get enough of. Pulsing horns, vocals like waves and some beautiful impressionistic chords.

97)Ennio Morricone - Matto, Caldo, Soldi, Morto... Girotondo
Italy: 1969
Morricone is the master, and I'll go ahead and say upfront that it is he who appears the most on this countdown. This song is from Vergogna Schifosi and as most of the best his best soundtracks do, it features Edda Dell'Orso. It starts off with some hypnotic chanting, and then becomes this wonderful magical swirl sound. I think what I love best and is most successful about Morricone for me is his soft and gorgeous textures he milks from the timbre of his often unusual instrumentation.

96)Don't Be A Stranger - Yellow Moon
Sweden: 2007
Swedish "indie" if you will and I won't thank you. To me the song very successfully conveys a longing that tugs and tugs. A more direct if less graceful "Manha de Carnaval".

95)Al B Sure! - Noche Y Dia
United States: 1988
In the 80s, Giorgio Moroder upped the ante for the electro-ballad with "Take My Breath Away" (performed by Berlin). A year later the romantic quarterback of New Jack Swing Al B Sure! would come out with Nite and Day. I'm not sure why I prefer the spanish version of this song, It's just the one I always find myself playing.

94)Alexander Von Borsig - Hiroshima
Germany: 1982
The buzz "Hiroshima" starts out in is either the smoldering wreckage or the tension in the air just before, until slowly the lilting refrain creeps in. Soon a dichotomy emerges between the cold repetitive chants and the breathless grasping and screams of a second voice. The result is a sort of leaden whimsy.

93)Gigliola Cinquetti - Quando M'Innamoro
Italy: 1968
The chorus. oh the chorus. The chorus achieves what Gigliola's contemporary Mina (whom will be quite at home on this list) often does at her best, it inhabits my motor cortex. I feel like I have one of those Donnie Darko bubble snakes coming out of my chest that ducks and weaves and contracts with the rhythm, dynamics, and descending melodic motion. The rest of the song is cake too, with a nice little horn line, and some flute like bluebirds in the garden of love. Yes I have corny tastes. Well those of you who think so might be glad for the next song.

92)Swans - Fool
United States: 1986
The piano sounds like it's about to collapse on the floor and the guitar sounds like its just the kind of jerk to help push it down. And the vocals, the vocals sound like they need a shave. With menace and just a glint of steel, "Fool" muscles its way onto the top 100.

91)Patty Pravo - La Bambola
Italy: 1968
This song was my introduction to the world of the 60s Italian songstresses and it was a bit spoiling, like french-kissing instead of shaking hands. A tug of war between the guitar, Patty's voice and the orchestral strings in a high energy tour de force. Yeah I just said Tour De Force like some sort of high falutin' dandy reviewer.

Next: 90-81


Patricia Carli - Domani Ti Sposi

Posted on 2008.07.10 at 23:13
This is the most incredible thing I've seen/heard in a while

Which reminds me, there will be more Cobblestones, Heels, and Heartaches. That mix might not have gotten a lot of downloads/interest, but I've always admired kid_sportswear and his Modern Mutant Handbook/Modern Modern Handbook foxbase with his Sunshine Pop rogerlodge with his The Anesthetic's Wearing Off and I want to try my hand at a DIY mix series centered around my own favorite beloved genre. You've been warned (mostly that I plan on repeating 2 songs from some Various Artists mixes).


The Magic Dance Machine

Posted on 2008.07.09 at 23:54
Let's play a game. Pretend someone created a program in which you could upload 3-5 songs and the program would analyze each song for different characteristics and then create from all the best parts one master song. What's the rhythm pattern like for each instrument? Whats the texture palette like? Lyrical content? use of Bass? etc, basically all the kinds of things Pandora.com looks for, (except they use human employees with headphones filling out questionnaires to categorize the characteristics of the songs on their site, for real) Now for the sake of simplicity, let's pretend we wanted to create a killer dance song, what 3-5 songs might you upload*?

Nancy Martin - Can't Believe
The bone structure on this song is just flawless. that beat draws you in from the beginning, I love the touch of that cicada buzz that comes in and out.

Shoc Corridor - Iceberg
This song moves at more of a prowl than a dance gallop, but it has many song DNA genotypes I would want passed on to my future rhythmically footed offspring. The ethereal organ, slithery bass, and somewhat unusual lyrics I would want to be flourishing in our little dance music progeny.

Naif Orchestra - Nine to Five
But some unhinged fun is of course needed somewhere in the bloodline too, and this song has it in spades. I love all the colorful instrument usage in this and this is the only song of the bunch with a truly catchy chorus.

*no uploading necessary to participate in this hypothetical!


Muppets and Porno Pop

Posted on 2008.07.08 at 19:52
The new and improved SoulseekNS is offering up all kinds of treasures in the form of my long dormant "wishlist" finally reawakening. The old soulseek would only sputter out periodically 1 or 2 artists, and always the ones I was too lazy to remove. But now all sorts of things I had forgotten about are popping up, here are two:

Frank Oz - Monster in the Mirror

one of the many children's songs I would love to cover, and not all indie rock Teddy Bears Picnic I mean to to treat them respectfully for their lyrical content. Wubba wubba.

Porno Pop Moon Family - Say Hello To Porno Pop
Porno Pop was a successor to Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons, which I mistakenly called Swiss last time, but are Swedish. They also contain a member of Zzzang Tumb. It sounds much more Kitchen than Tumb though. So say hello to Porno Pop Moon Family and also goodbye because they only released 1 other song ("in the beginning of time" which is also pretty excellent and more Tumb than Kitchen) I believe.


Dear Internet, be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

Posted on 2008.06.19 at 23:39
I'm going to hang up my hat for the online mixes for a little while and do some other stuff here. My first order of business is to offer anyone a mix CD trade. I know, this is so internet circa 2003! (also glazomaniac is doing a much more original and ambitious variation on this here [and he says its open to anyone so don't be shy!] which I know some of you have already seen, but I've never claimed originality or cutting edge here)

The deal:
1)leave a message in the comments (which will be screened) with your email or mailing address and any info you want brought into consideration to help me personalize it for your peculiar music fetishes. and viola! sometime this summer I send your very own mix CD.
2)If you want to send me one, then hey! i'll be thrilled. mention you'd be willing to do so in your comment or in whatever email exchange might take place. however you don't have to send me one to get one.
Thats it!

I hope at least a couple people take me up on this, I have nothing to do this summer.


Various Artists Volume 5: SUMMER BURNING edition

Posted on 2008.06.18 at 21:21
You'll notice that the Hi-NRg eurodisco fever that gripped me earlier has not totally subsided. In fact half of this is a straight up dance plague. It's my belief you should listen to those first 4 songs in order, not that some magic pattern unlocks if you do, it's just that how i've listened to them the last few weeks, and I think its a good progression. Also listen to those real loud. (I swear that Gina & Flexix song became 10X better when i listen to it in my car rattling all the stray debris on my seats) I have been crazy obsessed with those 4 songs. Other than that I've almost given up the hope that anyone listens to online mp3 mixes in order. Ornella Vanoni and Drinking Electricity return to tear some hearts out, and various others add some diverse flavors and spice.

Various Artists Volume 5 Zip 91 MB
1)Summer Time Plastic Mode
2)I Wanna Believe Gina & The Flexix
3)Chinese Eyes Fancy
4)Ideomatic Rockets
?)On The Beach At Fontana Fall Of Saigon
?)Love Me (Special Version) Punch
?)Love disgrace Amin Peck
?)The Promise Drinking Electricity
?)Beyer No.91 Les Jeunes Etoiles
?)L.S.D. Marina Babs & De Hippe Vogels
?)No Jazz Natalino Otto
?)Fragole e cappellini Aurelio Fierro e Trio Joice
?)Quello che c'è tra me e te Louiselle
?)È difficile non amarsi più Ornella Vanoni
?)Moon Effect Pseudo Code


Oh and if anyone wants to download some older stuff, maybe better do it now as I might have to clear some storage space for my next project...

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