Electrical Grime

A dazzling collection of electrofunk treats, no yawners, only party stomping, body moving, intimate sexual connection bait.

VA - Electrical Grime Zip 89.1 MB

Getty-Up Glass
The Wall Felix and Jarvis
Stomp Bliss
Oh No It's U Again Cherrelle
Jail bait The Johnsons feat Maurrice Starr
Body Fusion Starvue
sha-kum-up Venna
it's hot Ultimate Choice
Move Everything You Got Thundder
You Are My Sexual Connection Sexual Harrassment
Socket The Edwards
Cover Girl Network
This Party's Jam Packed (Vocal) Dwayne Omarr
Intimate connection Kleeer

The Messy Guest

I've written and erased a description in this box twice already, both times just me waxing about the seductive and destructive powers of "nostalgia" but each time I begun to write in such flowery 19th Century poet prose that you would've strangled me with the thick garlands my pen produced. I'm not sure this mix has anything to do with nostalgia. But something about the way the mix is smiling, the way the sun is glowing off the stones, the leather of the train seats, you will remember with a bittersweet fondness. And at night you will weep for want of it.

VA - The Messy Guest 54.97 MB Zip

Roy Ingraham - Chant of the Jungle
Janko Nilovic - Mouvements Aquatiles
Riz Ortolani - Susan And Jane
Armando Trovajoli - Vedo Nudo (adulterio)
Nora Orlandi - Main version
Alberto Baldan Bembo - Kama 03
François De Roubaix - Poursuite En Camionette
Paul Bonneau - Preambule No. 37
Francis Lai - Le theme D'Olivier
Zouzou - demain (alternative version)
Amrando Sciascia - Eclisse Indigo
Lalo Schifrin - Ice Pick Mike
Michel Magne - Fabre Et Anna (final)
J.J. Debout & Janko Nilovic - Le Soleil Sur la Peau
Georges Delerue - Antoine Et Ursula
Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra - The Japanese Sandman


Various Artists 14

Hey folks, it's been a long time, long time
so basically a minor dream came true, and I get to play my music at the bakery I work at (occasionally). While my boss loves my ever expanding playlist of basically songs like you see here, a couple of my co-workers can't stand it and say I have THE WORST MUSICAL TASTE OF ANYONE in the world, ever. pretty much verbatim. So here from every corner of the globe, I once again bring you the worst music in the world!

Various Artists 14

1)Max & Intro - Beogradska Devojka
2)Z Factor - I Am The Dee Jay
3)Anthony Newley - Why?
4)Chhuon Malai - Chet Et Maytha
5)Milka Lenac - Zeljo Luda
6)Zerbrechlich - Bei Den Beduinen
7)Georges Garvarentz - Ann & Tony
8)Dario Moreno - Her Akþam "Sarhoþ"
9)Lose Brincos - L'amore Dei Giovani
10)Russ Morgan and His Orchestra - So Tired
11)Aïcha Relizania - Khraïfi
12)Poyuschie Gitary - Nocturne
13)Sonny lester & His Orchestra & Chorus - Daughter of the Nile
14)Helen - Witch
15)Gene Kardos & His Orchestra - If I Ever Get a Job Again


Top 50 "Music Videos" OF ALL TIME

As decided by me. Recently there was another rash of "Top 100 albums" on my LJ friends page, but after beginning my own, I remembered A)I don't really care about albums, I like songs and B)Oh yeah I never finished my Top 100 songs list after my computer crashed. But as I don't currently have the time to recompile and do all the work for the Top 100 songs list, I can do this!

A good marriage between visuals and song is key, but sometimes one takes precedence over the other. Each of these videos has a little magic that draws me in deep and animates the soul.

Collapse )

Various Artists 13

Various Artists 13 Zip 67.2 MB

Patty Duke - Funny Little Butterflies
Overdrive - Constantinople
Heinz Wehner & Das Telefunken Swing Orchester - Meine Adelheid
Robert Firpo - Desde El Alma
Emel Sayın - Bir Gece Ansizin
Paradise Frame - Paradise Theme
Ambrose & Sam Browne - Soft Lights And Sweet Music
The Equallos - Beneath the Sun
Escape From New York - Fire in My Heart 12"
Kris Jensen - Torture
P.M.7, Jupiter - Sawan Bangkok
Stopp - I'm Hungry
Carroll Gibbons - Love Is Just Around The Corner


Twisted Ankles Disco

Candy, tears, sex, beats, fear. You won't forget.

Twisted Ankles Disco Zip 94.4 MB
Kroma - Sexy Films
Mau Mau - Herzschlag
Herman Kopp - Stirb Jung - Bleib Schon
Some of My Best Friends Are Canadian - Feeling Sheepish
Unser Favorit - Die Androiden
Andi Arroganti - Hom-o-hetero
Some Bizarre - Don't Be Afraid
Shock - Dynamo Beat
Ti-Tho - Ich
Die Tanzdiele - Candy
Ole L'Dole - Space, Action Sex Og Blod
Jeunesse D'Ivoire - A Gift of Tears
Sadista Sistas - Bagdoll Duchess
Dilemma - Leichentanz
Somnambulist - Things I was Due to Forget
Vera - Don't You Want My Love


Various Artists 12

Well if I talked up the last mix as a jewel on the crown of music, I suppose I will have to back off the hyperbole a little, and present this one as the scrappy underdog of a mix, the silken thread holding together the robe of the grand vizier to music. Here, aside truly impeccable songs such as "Wenn die Kleinen Veilchen", "Oh, What A Thrill", "Wypsa", "Boys and Girls" are the slightly atmospheric and hypnotic dance songs "Who" and "here comes my laugh", songs I find indispensable but could imagine someone else not loving. "La Radicale" holds a special place near my heart as I can't help but feel like some playful, black and white, sad-eyed protagonist in an old french film while listening to it.

Various Artists 12 ZIP 66.7 MB

1. Orchester Marek Weber - Wenn Die Kleinen Veilchen
2. Dorival Caymmi - O Mar
3. Philippe Sarde - La Radicale
4. Rosanna Fratello - Non Sono Maddalena
5. Ben Selvin - Oh, What a Thrill
6. Gerda Schönfelder - Ganz Leis' Erklingt Musik
7. Connie and the Cones - No Time For Tears
8. Reparata & The Delrons - Boys and Girls
9. Simon F. - Here Comes My Laugh
10. Odyssey - Who
11. Asmodaeus - Second Time Is Different
12. Not Only Bones - The Movies
13. The Answers - Please Go Away
14. Matias Aguayo - Walter Neff
15. Mira Kubasinska & Blackout - Wyspa


Various Artists 11

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I think this is the best one in a while. While the rare ingrate, their ear canals clogged by the putrid debris of the all sonic garbage they have previously ingested, may be beyond the seduction of these auditory charms, you are no such charlatan. Assembled here are enough diabolical rhythms and heavenly melodies to set every toe in hell and heaven a-tapping. Act 1 of this gathering of goosebump giving devious ditties hails from the gloomtrodden frosty side of the spectrum, as represented by the otherworldly hum of synthesizers and terrorizing clip-clop of drum machines. This act is begun with the miraculously gorgeous bewitching dirge "Blue Days In Berlin". Act 2 on the other hand, is a bouquet of songs that put spring your step and winter a distant memory at your back through a more jazzy set of instruments. Rather gallantly "Sull'Acqua" starts of this round, a song so brimming with sun and flirty looks you'll be feeling like an Italian playboy or playgirl before the second time the chorus comes around.

Box.net and I have parted ways so unfortunately you'll have jump through a hoop or two to download.

Various Artists 11 ZIP 82.5 MB
Analyse Logique - Blue Days in Berlin
Days of Sorrow - Wild World
Twilight Ritual - What Are Rooms For
Das Ding - Sad But True
Wild Stares - Piece of the Picture
Vita Noctis - Exowided
Domina - You got My Soul
Emilio Pericoli - Sull'acqua
Michel Magne - Serie OSS117
Halina kunicka - Gwiazda naszej milosci
Line Renaud - Tango Bleu
Piero Piccioni - Treacherous Journey
Bruno Battisti D'Amario - Temptation
Nicoletta - Jeff
Ruby Johnson - Weak Spot


Various Artists 10

Various Artists 10 ZIP 72.0 MB
Now That I've Found You Jack Buchanan and Elsie Randolph
Life At The Water's Edge Officer!
nowhere girl B-Movie
My Time Roberto Cacciapaglia
Touch Lori & The Chameleons
Pour celui qui viendra (Version 33t) Marie Laforêt
Alla ricerca del piacere (seq. 9) Teo Usuelli
Second Indian On The Moon Areknuteknyterne
To Have and Have Not Ronny
eyes Coldreams
Profi Neonbabies
Poema do Adeus Miltinho
skirts up! oszibarack
Hai Toshi o Mitsumete Aoyama Kazuko

tchic ti tchic

Various Artists 9

OLD SCHOOL simple songs nothing too baroque except maybe that Teo Usuelli (shut up I know what baroque means!). So here's flirty breezy cool autumnal fare for you to enjoy! lots of girl groups, 60s soundtrack, some minimal synth etc, you know how it works!

Various Artists 9 Zip 57.2 MB

Tracey Dey - Teenage Cleopatra
Tara Cross - I Won't Cut It Away
Nathan Larson & Nina Persson - Fiction
The Spoils of War - You're the Girl
Wand Orchestra - Hand It Over
Piero Piccioni - Endless Love
Carole Deene - Some People
Teo Usuelli - La Vedova in Rosa
Muzzy Marcellino - The High and Mighty
Anne Cessna and Essndon Airport - Lost in Madagascar
Linda Singer - Leather High
Lorna Dune - I'm Going with Bobby
The Pirates - Cuttin Out
Annie Anxiety Bandez - As I Lie In Your Arms
Tronics - Cruisin
Vera Lynn - I Paid For the Lie I Told You
April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger
Amoebas In Chaos - Tidal Waves