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Various Artists 9

Posted on 2009.10.05 at 13:18
OLD SCHOOL simple songs nothing too baroque except maybe that Teo Usuelli (shut up I know what baroque means!). So here's flirty breezy cool autumnal fare for you to enjoy! lots of girl groups, 60s soundtrack, some minimal synth etc, you know how it works!

Various Artists 9 Zip 57.2 MB

Tracey Dey - Teenage Cleopatra
Tara Cross - I Won't Cut It Away
Nathan Larson & Nina Persson - Fiction
The Spoils of War - You're the Girl
Wand Orchestra - Hand It Over
Piero Piccioni - Endless Love
Carole Deene - Some People
Teo Usuelli - La Vedova in Rosa
Muzzy Marcellino - The High and Mighty
Anne Cessna and Essndon Airport - Lost in Madagascar
Linda Singer - Leather High
Lorna Dune - I'm Going with Bobby
The Pirates - Cuttin Out
Annie Anxiety Bandez - As I Lie In Your Arms
Tronics - Cruisin
Vera Lynn - I Paid For the Lie I Told You
April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger
Amoebas In Chaos - Tidal Waves


spisok_korablei at 2009-10-07 18:23 (UTC) (Link)
Looks like the file was deleted. Could you please reupload it?
And thanks a lot for your mixes, every time I discover some strange and charming tracks! What about your top-100 all-time favorites, are you through with this idea? That chart was too delicious...
Various Artists
goethe_re_scape at 2009-10-08 03:44 (UTC) (Link)
hmm try this. I used to be pretty good at posting music that didn't attract copyright infringement, oh well.

thanks! i can restart my top 100! yeah that was fun to make.
(Anonymous) at 2009-11-15 17:15 (UTC) (Link)


I love Tarkovsky. Really great stuff.
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